For over 30 years Ryan has been working and making films and videos in the Seattle area. His films have been shown at Bumbershoot, the Seattle International Film Festival, and on the BBC. He has been a cinematographer since 1986 and an editor since 1981.  No job is too big or too small, give him a call. Recent work includes:

The Box (2015, editor)

Choices  (2015, videographer, editor)

Belly Dance Off! (Live performance capture and DVD production)

Ruptly TV breaking news (video and rapid delivery of edited package)
The Dead  (2015 narrative feature, cinematographer)

Collapse  (2015 horror feature, cinematographer)
Hellbender Filmmaking Workshop (25 shorts in 16 years)
Flesh of My Flesh  (2015 zombie feature, cinematographer)
House of Glass  (2015 web series, videographer)
 flipcam  (2014  48 Hour Film Challenge short, videographer)
 “Whoosh Fish Cannon” (2014 news story, videographer, editor)
Seen and Not Heard  (2012 short documentary, videographer, editor)
Clan Carn: 20 Year Celebration  (2011 feature documentary, videographer, editor)
Regnor Reinholdtsen: Where’s The Money  (2009 short documentary, editor)
“The American Avant Garde” (2004 – 2008 TV series, editor)

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